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CoolTone in Houston, TX

Gym-free body toning in Houston, TX

It is not uncommon to spend countless hours at the gym only to notice that your results have stalled. CoolTone offers a non-invasive treatment to take your workout results to the next level and give your muscles the boost they need to conquer fitness plateau. Using electromagnetic energy, CoolTone induces thousands of supramaximal muscle contractions within a single 30-minute session to achieve results that would take months at the gym. Essentially, your muscles experience a supercharged workout while you lie down comfortably. The Clinic for Plastic Surgery offers CoolTone in Houston, TX, so you can finally achieve that sculpted physique that seems out of reach.

What is CoolTone & how does it work?

CoolTone uses advanced HIFEM (high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy) technology to stimulate targeted muscles, inducing muscle contractions that are faster and stronger than your body could ever perform naturally.

Within 30 minutes, CoolTone causes 20,000 contractions, all of which are more intense than you could achieve with maximum effort. Your muscles respond to these extreme conditions by building muscle fibers, ultimately increasing muscle mass. Simultaneously, the intense demand that CoolTone delivers to targeted muscles induces a release of fatty acids that destroys nearby fat cells. With more muscle and less fat, you’ll realize a significantly more toned body.

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What are the benefits of CoolTone?

CoolTone can help your body look and perform better. Areas that are most suitable for CoolTone treatment are the abdomen, buttocks, triceps, and thighs. With each session taking only half an hour, you can increase muscle tone throughout your body in a combined two hours of treatment. Furthermore, CoolTone involves no downtime, making it a dream treatment for anyone who wants maximum results with minimal effort. And who doesn’t want that?

Am I a candidate for CoolTone treatment?

If you are in good shape overall and want enhanced muscle definition, then CoolTone is the perfect supplemental treatment for your active lifestyle. While CoolTone does destroy fat in targeted areas, it is not a weight-loss treatment. To achieve the best results possible with CoolTone Houston patients should be at or near their ideal weight, eat well, and exercise regularly.

What to expect during your CoolTone treatment

While the technology is sophisticated, CoolTone treatment is easy. When you come into our office for your treatment, you will lie down comfortably while your specialist applies the CoolTone device to the target area. As soon as treatment begins, you will experience a sensation of warmth as the system prepares your muscles for a better workout than they’ve ever experienced before. Soon after, you will notice the HIFEM-induced muscle contractions. While these contractions are intense, they are not painful. You will be able to tend to emails or read during your Houston CoolTone treatment.

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There is no recovery time with CoolTone, so you can return to your day, post-supramaximal workout, with no limitations. However, CoolTone offers an excellent excuse to skip the gym for a day or two.


You will notice a change in your muscle tone and definition within around three weeks of your treatment. However, you will achieve peak results in approximately three months as your body flushes out the destroyed fat cells.

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CoolTone FAQs

Are there any side effects I should know about?

Side effects from CoolTone treatment are rare. You may experience some mild redness, but this condition will resolve quickly. You may also notice some muscle soreness, but this will be comparable to what you would experience after a successful workout.

What is the difference between CoolTone & CoolSculpting?

While CoolTone targets muscles to increase their mass and definition. While it does eliminate excess fat, its primary purpose is to tone and strengthen your muscles using HIFEM energy. In contrast, CoolSculpting specifically targets stubborn pockets of fat resistant to diet and exercise. CoolTone employs cryolipolysis to freeze away extra fat cells in targeted areas. As the fat is destroyed, the contours of the underlying muscles become more visible. Ultimately, these two treatments both effectively improve body contours and muscle definition, though their focuses slightly vary. Some patients use both CoolTone and CoolSculpting to achieve and maintain their most athletic physique.

Who should not receive CoolTone treatment?

Due to the use of electromagnetic energy, CoolTone should not be performed on areas containing metal or electronic implants. CoolTone may also not be a viable option for patients with certain medical conditions. It is important to discuss any medical conditions and your medical history with your specialist before undergoing CoolTone treatment.

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