What’s in Store for Dr. Sam Sukkar?

It may still be early, but things are already heating up, and many of us are thinking about summer. After the late-winter weather crisis that many of us suffered, we’re all ready for a little sun and warmth. That may well be why March is National Optimism Month — no matter what happened over the winter, by now, everyone just wants to see summer or at least the ... CONTINUE READING

Skin Care Secrets From the Sun Belt

In our cover article, Dr. Sukkar talks about the summer sun that’s closer than we might think. But the fact is, over half of Americans live in the Sun Belt, a loose grouping of southerly states that receive way more sun than clouds on a yearly basis. And whether you’re in Los Angeles, Louisiana, or right here in Texas, it pays to ... CONTINUE READING

3 Irish Travel Destinations for Your Bucket List

Traveling to Ireland might not be an option for you right now, but like a leprechaun hoarding gold, you can still fill up your bucket list with all of the pubs, rolling hills, and lucky sites you’d love to see. This month when you’re planning your trip to Dublin, Galway, or ... CONTINUE READING

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