Meet our Medical Spa Manager!

Hi everyone, my name is Jessica Stavena, and I’m the Medical Spa Manager here at The Clinic for Plastic Surgery. If you’ve visited us before, there’s a good chance we’ve crossed paths. Dr. Sukkar has asked me to take over the reins of this newsletter edition because it’s a notable time in my career — my 10th anniversary working at the clinic ... CONTINUE READING

Learn the Basics of Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation procedures have changed significantly over the decades, resulting in a more natural and realistic appearance. And they’re not just for a larger bustline. Women also choose augmentation to improve their breast shape, fullness, perkiness, or symmetry. Best of all, if your needs or preferences adjust as you age, breast augmentation revision is available to help you change with the times ... CONTINUE READING

Packing Tips to Save Your Back, Wallet, and Sanity

Many people are considering traveling this spring for the first time since the pandemic started. A lot has changed since 2020, but packing for vacation remains a hassle, and baggage fees haven’t gone anywhere. Here are some essential tips to keep your load as light as possible — physically and mentally ... CONTINUE READING

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