A Summer to Remember

Summer is winding down, but after the blessings I’ve experienced these past few months, I certainly can’t complain. I was fortunate to have a particularly gratifying season — both on a professional and personal level.

As I explained in our previous issue, we broke ground on the new, state-of-the-art facility over a year ago. It’s amazing how time has flown! The new location has now been ... CONTINUE READING

Perfect Your Pout With Lip Blushing

Are you dissatisfied with your lips but wary of the maintenance required with lip fillers? Do you hate putting on lipstick and wish you could just wake up with a pretty, natural shade every morning? If so, lip blushing might be for you.

Lip blushing is a semi-permanent makeup treatment that ... CONTINUE READING

The Best Places to Visit in Croatia

This gorgeous coastal nation will absolutely blow you away with its beautiful architecture, landscapes, and delicious blend of Mediterranean and Slavic cuisine. Even better, it’s a fairly affordable place to visit! While many travelers land in Zagreb, the beautiful capital city and cultural hub, you wouldn’t want to miss these destinations ... CONTINUE READING

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